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Security is an advantage in long-term property investments

The German housing market is currently one of the most interesting investment markets for investors. In times of low interest rates it provides attractive returns, compared to alternative opportunities, supported by the additional expectation of a residential property investment’s stable value.

IDUSTRIA WOHNEN specializes in building investments in Germany: We acquire real estate in economically strong agglomerations or metropolitan areas only, and prepare them for usage of private or institutional investment.

In that context economic, socio-demographic, and property market data serve as detailed foundations. The analysis and resulting strategy are implemented by experienced teams of architects, civil engineers, as well as merchants of the housing industry. The qualified management of INDUSTRIA WOHNEN consists of 147 employees in total. In that way our clients are able to benefit from safe investments, which gain value in the long-run.

Prospects have the choice between investing in single apartments located all over Germany, or financially participate in the public open-ended mutual property fund ‘FOKUS WOHNEN DEUTSCHLAND’.

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Advantages of investments in condominiums:

  • Acquisition of residential property
  • The investor himself decides about investment volume, location, equity investment, financing volume, and extent of service
  • Rental yields from 3% p.a. (on purchase price, before costs, before tax)

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‘FOKUS WOHNEN DEUTSCHLAND’ is a public open-ended mutual property fund and hence ideal for all those who,

  • Want to use the housing market’s potentials
  • Are interested in long-term investments
  • Want to participate with low contributions in a diversified real estate portfolio

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